Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Farmer's Market at the Wallace Depot is OPEN!!!

The 2009 Season of the Wallace Farmers' Market is underway. The market is open every Saturday from 8 a.m.- noon now through the fall. Many of your favorites from last year are there- the Jones Family, Matthews Farm, Pampi Jewelry, McMillan Herbs and some new vendors have joined for this season.
There are plans for a special day of celebration on July 4th- with food vendors and entertainment and contests going on- look for more details in the next weeks.
We look forward to seeing you at the Farmers' Market soon!

Friday, May 29, 2009


The Farmer's Market at the Wallace Depot is now open Saturday mornings from 8 a..m.-12 noon. Many of your favorite vendors have returned again this year, and new ones have joined. Be sure to stop by this Saturday morning!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Plant Sale April 25th at THe Wallace Depot

There will be a plant sale at the Wallace Depot this Saturday, April 25th from 8-12. The proceeds from the sale will go towards completing the restoration of the shed building at the back of the Depot. The work on the shed is underway and is being completed by the local Habitat for Humaity volunteers. Once completed, the building will be used as part of the Farmers' Market, and for overflow from other functions at the Depot. With the cool spring we have had this year, the timing is just perfect for getting your garden going this year, so come out and support the volunteers!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

2009 Farmers Market at the Wallace Depot

The 2009 Season of the Farmers' Market at the Wallce Depot will open May 16th! The Hours this year will be from 8:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m and the season will run through the fall. In addition to new vendors, many of the vendors form last year will be returning- The Jones Family, Matthews Produce, Twisted Oak Farm, Pampi Designs jewelry, Divine Fashions home decor. There will be herbs and asparagus and baked goods, as well as organic produsce and free range poultry and eggs.
Fran Jackson is managing the market this year, and she is full of ideas to make it exciting and successful. There are events planned each month- everything from a watermelon eating contest to pumpkin carving; with entertainment scheduled for special event Saturdays. There is a major event planned for the 4th of July which will include additional vendors and happenings!
All the information for becoming a vendor is listed below, as well as a printable application form. The window for applying to be a vendor is short, so please don't hestitate to take advantage of this opportunity. If you have questions, you can call Fran at 910-289-9289
The purpose of the Farmers' Market is to provide a location for local producers of fresh fruits and vegetables and other farm products to sell and for consumers and retailers to purchase direct from the producers for their own use or for resale. A producer must locally grow or make at least 50% of the product being offered for sale in order to be eligible to sell at the market. What -is not grown or made by the vendor must be designated as grown or made in North Carolina, or as other.
1/The market or any of it's employees shall not be responsible forloss through theft or otherwise of private property at the market. Themarket will not be responsible for personal injuries or damages toindividual or personal property.

2/The market manager or his agent shall have the supervision andgeneral control of the Farmers' Market area and the right to verify byan on-farm visit the production acreage of potential market vendors.

3/Any user of space on the market must maintain the space and leavethe space in a clean and orderly condition.
Prepared or cooked foods as well as seafood and meats will beallowed to be sold by the participants provided they meet HealthDepartment rules and regulations and have the approval of local HealthOfficials and NCDA&CS Food and Drug Protection Division. Copies of allpermits must be provided to the market manager before these items may besold.

4a/ No processing of fin fish or shell fish will be allowed on site. Only certified oysters may be sold and must be kept at 45 degrees F. under mechanical refrigeration.
4b/Meat brought to the market must be kept at 40 degrees F. or colder at all times; therefore, a refrigeration unit is suggested. If poultry is sold and kept on ice, it must be wrapped in a waterproof container, and cannot come in .contact with ice or water. It is not permissible to allow water from melting ice to drain on the ground surrounding your market spot; water must be collected and disposed of. All meat sold at the market must be slaughtered and packaged after slaughter at an approved USDA-inspected slaughterhouse.

5/ Scales or units of measure must be approved types or those whichwould pass City, County, State and Federal inspection and approved bythe market manager. So called "Kitchen type or platform type scales"will not be permitted.

6/Alcoholic beverages or drugs or person who has consumed alcoholicbeverages or drugs will be prohibited on the market premises; also,the use of profane, abusive, discourteous language on the market areais prohibited and will result in immediate expulsion from the marketarea.

7/All City, County, State and Federal laws must be observed andeach participant is responsible for acquitting license or permitswhere required.

8/All products to be offered for sale are subject to be inspectedby the market manager or his agent. Inferior or unsanitary productsor produce shall not be offered for sale, and will be ordered removedfrom the market area by the market manager or his agent.

9/Only labeled chemicals should be used for pest control on allproduce sold in the farmers market. Information concerning properpest control chemicals are available from Onslow County CooperativeExtension Services.

10/The market is designed primarily as a retail market. Wholesalingitems for resale or large orders for home or institutional use willnot be allowed.

11/Any grievances shall be directed to and resolved by the Farmer'sMarket Operations Committee.

12/No permanent structures of any type will be allowed.

13/Home preserved food items may be sold include: Conserves, fruit,butters, jams, jellies, marmalades, preserves, pickled cucumbers,okra, peppers, and relish.

14/Products that may not be sold to include: Home canned vegetables,tomatoes, canned meats, and mixtures.

15/All preserved foods must be labeled as follows:
Common or usual named products.
Name and address of manufacturer.
Ingredients must be listed in descending order if more thanone ingredient is used.
Net content: 8 oz., 12 doz., etc.
Only commercial canning jars and lids may be used.
Paraffin is permissible for sealing jelly only.
16/Approved dairy products • Milk, butter, buttermilk, and cheesemay be sold, however, dairy products must be refrigerated.

17/Vendors shall not bring pets.

18/Each farmer sets his or her own prices at the market.

19/The market will open Saturday from 8:00 A.M. until 12 noon, fromthe 3rd Saturday in May until late summer or early fall as determinedby the Depot Commission. A recommendation from the vendors shallserve as a guideline for the commission.

20/Space will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

21/Refusal to comply with the rules governing the market operationor the selling of inferior products on a consistent basis may lead toa vendor being barred from selling at the market.

22/Crafts: refer to Craft Rules and Guidelines attachment.

23/Market fees are as follows: Annual membership $25.00. Fee foreach market day $5.00 (members) $10.00 (non-members)

24/Transfer of market space assignments by vendors is prohibitedunless approved by the market manager.

25/Each vendor must have a sign with their name, address, and phonenumber displayed in their booth space at least 8 ½” x 11" in size.

26/All Vendors must provide own tables, chairs, and display items.

Craft Rules and Guidelines

l) The market or any of it's employees shall not be responsible for loss through theft or otherwise of private property at the market. The market will not be responsible for personal injuries or damages to individual or personal property.

2) The market manager or his agent shall have thesupervision and general control of the Farmers' Market area.

3) All crafters are expected to bring their own tables,chairs, and display items. These will NOT be provided.

4) No Bazaar Crafts
Quality Crafts
have an enduring purpose and are made by creative skillful craftsmen who use the best raw materials available and incorporate good design principles in the use of color, texture, form, and line. Quality crafts are not mass-produced or identical, but show individuality that is characteristic of hand crafted items.
Bazaar Crafts are those of short term durability and popularity which require limited creativity and skill, as they often capitalize on another's creativity by being made from machine produced parts or assembled by commercial directions. Bazaar items sometimes have little purpose and are made of recycled, inexpensive or low quality materials.
Only handcrafted items made by the seller may be sold.NO packaged items, kits-, patterns, yard goods or fleamarket items may be sold.
Dried natural materials or flowers made by variouscraft methods may be sold by the stem or in bunches or inarrangements. Arrangements or items made from purchaseddried natural materials which exhibit creativity areacceptable.

(A) RUGS: Hooked, braided, or woven rugs should lieflat with no bulges or curling edges.
(B) NEEDLEPOINT: Needlepoint as well as other needle crafted objects must be blocked and square.
(C) Placemats, yardage etc. should
pass one important test of skillful weaving - even regular salvages.

8) Basketry crafts are tightly woven with raw edges concealed and carefully fastened. Handles must be strong, comfortable to grasp and firmly attached.

9) Antiques in any form will NOT be accepted.

10) Violations of any of these rules and guidelines (whether craft or general Farmers' Market rules) shall subject the offender to forfeiture of the privilege of selling.